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Better Steps Psychology, Inc

Better Steps Psychology, Inc. is a psychology group practice that promotes mental and holistic wellness for all though counseling, workshops, and psychological assessments. The Better Steps team is staffed by psychologists equipped with a diversity of expertise in classical and modern psychological approaches and perspectives to help individuals and groups find better steps in their lives.

Digital learning Pills

Digital Pills is an innovative company on mobile learning. They offer short courses on various skills needed by successful employees. They provide a new way of learning and being educated, wherever you are, at your own rhythm, with daily reports so that you can modify your behavior. The ultimate goal is for you to change your way of thinking, acting and behaving. That way you will see permanent and concrete improvements.

Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting, Inc.

Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales(MIDAS™) were created by Branton Shearer, Ph.D. in 1987 as a means to enhance a person’s intellectual performance, career development and personal satisfaction. The MIDAS™ Profile has been described as the Swiss Army knife of self-assessments that guides people to a deeper appreciation for their intellectual and creative lives.

PAR, Inc.

Vanguard is an approved distributor of PAR products within the Philippines. PAR offers products in an array of assessment formats, including print materials, software, apps, and online testing materials, developed to meet the needs of professionals in psychology, mental health, counseling, education, forensics, pharmaceutical product development, and career counseling. “Creating Connections. Changing Lives.”

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

As a global learning company, HMH specializes in pre-K–12 education content, services and cutting edge technology solutions for today’s changing landscape. HMH creates engaging, dynamic and effective educational content and experiences from early childhood to K-12 and beyond the classroom, serving more than 50 million students in more than 150 countries. Available through multiple media, our content meets the needs of students, teachers, parents and lifelong learners, no matter where and how they learn.

Seagulls Flight Foundation, Inc.

Seagulls Flight Foundation, Inc. is a residential treatment and rehabilitation center for substance dependents. It was inspired by the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a seagull who became an outcast for wanting to fulfill the “impossible dream”: to fly. Just like Jonathan, Seagulls Flight is living its dream–to mend broken wings, rebuild family ties, and put back the pieces of people who have once or twice lost their way.