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About Us

Our Mission

Vanguard Assessments  develops programs and assessments that are focused on providing companies and individuals with an innovative and dynamic solution of the ever changing times.

Our process will be the simplest.
Our service will be the most responsive.
Our support will be the most nurturing.
Our Vision

It is VABDI’s goal to be the most professional and innovative provider of psychological goods, services, and support in South East Asia. We aim to be at the forefront of developing human potential and encouraging passion.

Our Values

Passion to Serve

Benchmarked by high standards and committed to excellent service, we continuously improve to support to our partners. We aim to provide premium service with a professional attitude while showing personal care to each individual.


Guided by strict ethical guidelines and moral professional codes, we promote transparency and fairness in our endeavors as well as strive for accountability and high standards in all we do. This is central to what we stand for and who we are, a company that can be trusted.


Sensible yet creating developments ensure realistic expectations and applicable solutions designed with our clients’ needs in mind. We find ways to tackle problems in a practical and flexible way without compromising ethics and morals.


Openness to change ensures that we constantly go beyond our comfort zone to find the best tools and methods available. A positive and adaptive attitude towards new ideas and improvements encourages us to lead our company and partners to the forefront of new developments.